BrightStripe RGB

Mega BrightStripe RGBW

Mega BrightStripe RGBW

The Bright Stripe by Mega-Lite has a personality all its own. It displays it through festive and in your face effects that are just plain fun to look at. This LED lighting fixture can be controlled via DMX and also has limited on board control accessible through the digital display. With DMX, you can control 8 or 16 segments at a time, making an LED matrix possible with multiple units. Built-in programs are just some of the great features of this unit, making it ready to plug and play. Super lightweight and connections make it ideal for setting up a master slave sequence. Make the Bright Stripe you next lighting fixtures, it will surely turn some heads!

Technical Specs

Not waterproof
144 RGB LEDs (48*RGB)
6ch, 24ch, 48ch DMX Via XLR3 connectors
120v or 208v via Edison throughs

Available for rental.

User Manual