Equipment Service and Repair

R90 Lighting Seattle offers full service and repair facilities for broken or damaged stage lighting equipment. We specialize in fixing just about anything from intelligent and static lighting fixtures, to lighting consoles, to foggers and hazers, and really just about anything else that can break on show site. We also provide general maintenance on units to ensure they continue to operate properly. Our service department prides itself in both efficient turnaround time, as well as an exceptional technical understanding and skill set. If your lighting fixture breaks or malfunctions in any way, chances are that we can fix it in a timely manner, at minimal cost to you.

Most repairs can be turned around in about a day or two, depending on whether or not parts need to be ordered.

If you have a broken lighting fixture, or really any other piece of stage lighting equipment, and need to get it fixed fast, please contact our service department at to set up an appointment.